Traditional Areas

Business law

  • Contracts: Reviewing, drafting and negotiating all types of contracts (leasing , subcontractors, supplier agreements, agency, distribution, franchise, purchase, maintenance, financing).
  • Corporate (Incorporations, capital increases and reductions, liquidation of companies, changes in by- laws, restructuring, agreements between partners).
  • Consumer law: Terms and conditions, rights guarantees, consumer credit, product liability.


  • Pre-litigation: Try to avoid legal proceedings, through proper management of the business and anticipating any possible contingency.
  • Litigation: Filing and monitoring all types of procedures: judicial, civil, criminal, administrative litigation, bankruptcy and arbitration proceedings.
  • Unpaid management: Long experience in managing debt and in insolvency proceedings.


  • Contracts: Call options, deposits, mediation, exchange agreements, purchases, leases, surface rights, project management, financing.
  • Real State Public Planning: Planning, establishment of urban entities, drafting planning agreements, licenses, expropriation, and advice on planning disciplinary files.

  • Integrated management of real estate properties: Condominiums and internal regulations.

Administrative law

  • Public procurement: Advising in public works contracts, supply contracts and service contracts, drafting specifications and following any vicissitudes that may arise from the execution of the contracts.
  • Equity: Filing administrative claims and further legal advice by ensuring that the Administration does not exceed its administrative powers.
  • Advising on public law regulated sectors: Telecommunications, banks, energy markets.

Innovative Projects

Recovery of moveable chattel

The installment sale of moveable chattel Act and the chattel mortgage and pledge without displacement Act, offer some resources and specific procedures to recover moveable property in case of default.

SIGMA LEGAL has a deep knowledge of these procedures and can help in order to implement them in your company or initiate the appropriate judicial procedure.

Legal consultancy

Analysis of the legal and tax specific situation of a company: verifying compliance with laws, analysis of the services hired and cost thereof.

Design a strategy in order to reduce costs having a high quality legal advice.

Estate Planning

Economic and legal advice in estate planning (valuation of the patrimony, study of possible long-term earning of the patrimony for covering the holder and / or spouse needs, analysis of a possible restructuration).

Legal and tax services in order to protect the heritage and for minimizing conflicts that may arise in its division. Analysis of different choices considering tax implications and family needs (marriage articles, grants, legacies, usufructs, trusts, appointment of testamentary executor, etc.).

Family Businesses

In the field of family business, additional difficulties may arise for organizing it and for appointing a successor to take charge of its management.

Considering the high rate of family businesses that fail with the second generation, it is highly recommendable to implement an inheritance plan.

Estate planning and the possible drafting of a family protocol (instrument governing family relationships and the company) can guarantee the survival of a company.

Investments in Spain

SIGMA LEGAL gives comprehensive advice to non-residents wishing to invest in Spain personally or through a legal structure.

SIGMA LEGAL has extensive experience in helping foreign and non-resident companies in setting -up in Spain, through the most favorable legal structure.

Investments abroad

Do you want to invest abroad?, Do you have a company abroad and are having some difficulties? … .. SIGMA LEGAL can help you , explaining all legal and tax obligations in Spain and the destination country and supporting you in whatever you need for a greater understanding and security.

To provide this service, SIGMA LEGAL has the support of lawyers, notaries and accountants in the destination countries and helps you to understand all the idiosyncrasies of the country in which you invest.

Currently SIGMA LEGAL has:

African desk: Africa has become a continent of great opportunities, with several countries, each of them with their own specialties. We have extensive experience in advising clients who want to invest in various African countries … you can ask us.

German desk: In Germany, we have managed several investment properties and financial projects and have the support of various lawyers, notaries and managers in different cities.

South American desk: In South America we also have an extensive experience, and permanent collaborations in Mexico and Argentina.